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The Worlds Biggest WeSpin πŸš€
Start time
Every Sunday at 17:45 & 18:00

How it works

Its Bonus-hunt time!

Everyone who participates in the campaign receives a portion of EUR 1.000 in β€œAdd-on” sponsored by WeSpin. This means you get more to play with than you signed up for – as a reward for participating.

How to join


Register to Mobilebet

Click the link above or go to and register to Mobilebet.

Deposit min. EUR 5

After signing up or logging in to your Mobilebet account, ensure you have at least EUR 5 in your account for the WeSpin.

Add a balance to the WeSpin

When you have a balance on your account, go to the WeSpin page and find the Schpell x Baris campaign, or click this link.

You're set!

Now you're all set for the WeSpin live stream. Good luck, and have fun! πŸ₯³